Why post?

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There are 4 reasons why I started this website. Link to heading

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The first is to keep track of my work for myself. Its like a yearbook where you get to look back on what you did, but instead of cringy group photos, its cringy mistakes on engineering projects!

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The second reason is to showcase my work to others. Its convenient to have one link I can give professors and companies to show my work.

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The third reason is to tell people my mistakes so that others dont make them. I have made many explosive and expensive mistakes, so I hope I can save others from mking the same ones.

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The fourth reason is to write about interesting ideas. I was inspired by blogs such as Paul Graham, kogappa.com, alexw.substack.com, and blog.samaltman.com because they had such interesting ideas about, life, startups, and engineering. I hope to contribute to the conversation with my own ideas.

Therefore, my website will have a combination of projects and essays. Link to heading